Lucifer's Hammer by Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven

Lucifer's Hammer

Lucifer's Hammer Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven ebook
Publisher: Playboy Press
Format: fb2
ISBN: 0872234878, 9780872234871
Page: 494

As SHTF novels go, this one scores the gold. Just as good a read as the first time! Lucifer's Hammer centers around the post discovery of the comet, the scientific communities assurances that it won't hit the Earth, and of course, since someone professes it will not happen, it must. I am currently reading Lucifer's Hammer and I definitely find it fascinating. Earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes and floods destroy most of civilization. First published in 1977, "Lucifer's Hammer" by Jerry Pournelle & Larry Niven (Kindle edition ) is as old as I am, literally. Lucifer's Hammer is a big fucking comet, and it hits earth. The Entrance To Gehenna, 05:37. Mourning Creation's Ruin, 01:36. 02:02 1992, Lucifer's Hammer No comments. Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle (1977). Before the sun burned, before the planets formed, there were chaos and the comets. If you wanna come meet us let me know or just be there! I just finished reading Lucifer's Hammer (by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournell) for the second time. Because of a random comment on PJTV a few days ago. Aside from a few household chores, we have done nothing useful for the entire weekend. Hi we are all gonna meet up around 8ish at HOLE in the wall bar and then venture over semi drunk to the show. Lucifer's Hammer - The Burning Church 1992.